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The history of food has undergone constant evolution, from the early days of hunting and gathering to the agricultural revolution.

At Uobo, we are not only addressing current food challenges but also shaping the future with cutting-edge technology.

At this crucial moment, we stand at the forefront of a new revolution: precision fermentation.

Imagine a process that goes beyond traditional fermentation, allowing us to design microorganisms to efficiently and sustainably produce specific foods.

Our vision at Uobo tackles the challenges of the poultry industry by offering not just solutions but products that are sustainable, ethical, and delicious. In a world with limited resources and a growing ethical awareness, Uobo represents a choice that supports positive change for the planet.

Ovoalbumin, found in higher proportions in egg whites, is a key protein for functionality and nutritional profile.

By applying precision fermentation to ovoalbumin production, we can generate this protein without relying on chickens.

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey towards a brighter and more sustainable food future.